The Industry of Coffee an Emerging Market

The coffee industry has consumers in every corner of the world. The taste for this item grows and is picking up speed in the sector of other culturally conventional beverages such as tea. Coffee consumption evolves more and more rapidly, given the influence of information technologies, socio-economic changes in different countries and sustainability, the growing purchasing power of the population that chooses products every increasingly sophisticated and preference for brands that have a higher purpose. All these guidelines are opportunities for

In the western world, as in emerging markets, the last customer starts to view coffee not just as a drink; however, as an experience for the senses. In addition, customers are significantly informed and have higher access to info about the items they acquire, so they compare their credit to make acquiring choices with a clear disposition towards those who view quality.

According to the best reflection of this trend is observed in Asian countries such as China, a market where the main coffee consumers range between 20 and 30 years, who are much more receptive to Western traditions than to previous generations.

A few of the most substantial patterns that will affect the coffee market for the coming years are described listed below:

Products for every moment. At present, coffee consumers are more expert; they know about raw materials, types of grinding, and qualities. It is usual to find that this consumer has different methods of preparation for his guests at home, and he is the one who prefers a high-quality soluble coffee for other times of consumption. Within the world of soluble coffee, there is more and more differentiation, products with multiple nuances of flavor, or mixed with roasted and ground particles that give it flavor and aroma qualities.

Stories to tell. In the same way that has happened with the wine industry, there are many consumers that want to know more about the origin of the product they are taken, how is the region from which it comes, what characterizes the population, who is the person or group that produced. Knowing these particularities makes the consumer identify with the authentic stories behind each brand, understand their motivations, difficulties, and challenges.

Healthy and functional products. The global trend in the consumption of beverages with natural ingredients that give additional benefits to the people who consume them is increasing. For this, the food industry has been working in a very significant way in the innovation and in the scientific development of new formulations that generate positive impacts and which in turn are pleasant to the palate.

In line with the above, coffee. It has a long way since it is a natural product, high in antioxidants, and the benefits of caffeine. Innovations in products that exalt and reinforce coffee qualities are expected for the future.

They want the products for which they pay to have a mission that transcends the search for profits to commitments in matters of environment, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Coffee in figures

According to analysts, more than 800 million new middle-class consumers are expected to enter global markets in 2020. This new reality will lead to a growth in demand for certain products, including coffee, which will cause significant pressure on the price.

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